Cain is the Daedric Prince of Storms, Magic and Creation.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

"All that is yours is rightfully mine, and mine it will be!"


He appears before mortals either as a withered old human male on the verge of death or a spry youth in his mid twenties with flowing white hair, always wearing the sacred color red upon his being. The Daedra Cain has been thought a mute by many for nearly no living being has heard the entity speak aloud. In fact this is a ploy on Cain's part on those who seek him out; be it a mortal in need of his unholy assistance or a faithful servant, for he wants to know whether the individual is intelligent enough to be given the honour of his attention. To ascertain this, Cain is often seen pointing or gesturing to things or people around him, all the while indirectly answering the question they had given it. 

Cain appearance


Once proven worthy of his attention Cain speaks though be it in a rasping whispery sound. Cain holds creation above all things, be it through physical means like smithing or magical. Those virtually lacking an imagination or drive are held as lesser beings by Cain and are often targets of his zealous followers.

When angered Cain transforms into a frightening male human with ash-like hair, charred cracked flesh with raw magical energies pouring forth.


Like all the Daedric Princes, Cain has no definite gender. Most often, however, he appears to his followers as male.

Plane of OblivionEdit

The sphere were Cain makes his domain is a bizarre landscape that is drowned in a eternal storm; bathing the land in frigid rain that never seems to quench the lands thrist. The grass is gray and glass-like while what few trees that jut up from beneath the planes come out twisted and dead.

Forges manned by the unfavored and unproven dot the landscape, tirelessly working to perfect their craft and gain Cain's blessing. Mounds of weapons and armor lay behind these forges, all tributes to the Prince of Creation.

Above all this in a sky encased in a permanent crimson hue hangs the castle where the daedra itself resides.

Artifacts and ShrinesEdit

Forge of Cain

An ancient and mystical forge. Constructed by the Daedric Prince himself.

Heart of Cain -- The Heart of Cain is a daedra heart encased in a ruby the size of a man's first and is said to bestowed to Cain's High Priest. The artifact allows the wearer to telepathically communicate and locate other mortal followers of the Daedric Prince. The charm also offers protection against physical attacks incinerating everything in the Priest's general vicinity when the wearer is threatened. However to activate the powers of the artifact it needs an outside source of heat. A burning tree or a working fordge for example. As the artifact draws in the heat the heart begins to beat, invoking the power encased within. The Priest can also use their own body's natural heat to invoke the artifacts abilities, however this action can and will lead to hypothermia and ultimately death if used extensively.

Unlike most Daedra Artifacts the Heart of Cain can and has been destroyed once in the past. Before falling into the care of the current High Priest Uradasou, its previous caretaker was murdered and the heart destroyed, causing the Great Collapse that befell Winterhold. Cain believes the Daedric Prince Meridia was behind the destruction of his artifact.

Cain's Forge -- Confident in his own prowess in the art of creation Cain sent his Forge into the human world. Hoping one day a smith could work it at the same level he could. The Forge is said to possess a spark of creation, taken from Cain's very being. If handled by a master smith any weapon forged by it will become a Legendary weapon, capable of incredable feats.

Shrines -- Being a daedra that has the sphere of creation the shrines dedicated to it are often works of art and highly priced in detail.


Cain is worshiped by a small number of beings but makes up for this by having a larger diversity among it's clergy; be they the scholarly mage type or hardy blacksmith. Rank within the clergy is determined by skill with their field of study. When a challenge is issued between two peers who seek advancement a competition is held - the location is selected by a third neutral party, typically one who is of higher rank than either of the two competitors.

On the rare instances were a clear victor can not be decided the final verdict falls to the Daedric Prince itself.

Only the Prince may select a High Priest who is currently the Dunmer Uradasou.

Relationship with other DaedraEdit


Cain's relationship with his Daedric sibling Meridia is one of anger and hatred. She views Cain as an instigator of unrest and unbalance with life and her energies. On many occasions she has sought to destroy her siblings mortal servants and the artifacts he bestows them.

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