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Bruniik Jul

Bruniik Jul meaning savage men are beasts covered in fur human like yet twice the size, which lived in Atmora. They are rumoured to be what remained of the Nordic population on Atmora but these rumours are not confirmed, and how they came to exist is unknown. But what is known is that they survived the deep freeze of Atmora by burrowing down in deep caves they created and using their fur pelt to insulate them. In these cave they found their food source, a large insect creature that also buried itself into the ground drinking moisture.   It is also rumoured that they had some sort of magic to keep them warm but this is also unconfirmed.


After the raiseing of the crystalEdit

After the crystal was raised into the sky by Natalia's people melting the snows and creating a warmer climate, the Bruniik Jul emerged from their caves and previous existence of burrowing into the ground, and begun to form tribes above ground. These tribes settled the land and begun to make fire and weapons, such things that were unavailable to them. Then after only a few years they met with Natalia's people who were now spreading out from their capital of Lot Drem. Natalia’s people regarded them with fear and the Bruniik Jul only increased that fear when tribes started to attack them to steal their weapons and food.  


The Brunniik Jul were eventually brought to its knees when the Atmoran’s finally took action on the order of Queen Natalia. A volunteer force of nearly 150 soldier both men and women begun to attack the small isolated tribes of the Bruniik Jul in an attempt to wipe them out. Seeing many of the other tribes fall, three Bruniik Jul tribes combined their power to take out the Atmoran’s raising 200 monster warriors. This however was not enough, as they were defeated at the Battle Of The Beasts by The Atmoran army under the command of Commander Jorl. This marked the end of the Bruniik Jul as resistance against The New Kingdom of Atmora begun to fade away and the tribes dissipated. However some believe that the Bruniik Jul are not fully gone as it is recorded that lone monsters still roam about in the mountains.


The Bruniik Jul used to live in small groups under the ground of Atmora to survive the worst of the cold. These small groups or tribes are believed to have waged war on one and other for what little sources of food there were. Once the crystal was raised, the Bruniik Jul rose for their previous existence and embraced a new world. They formed into greater tribes with greater numbers thanks to a population boom. They began to form more complex societies with roles and positions among the groups with certain roles filled by certain Bruniik Jul. These included the:

Scavengers: Bruniik Jul that specialised in searching through old ruins for materials and weapons. Raiders: They were the ones that attacked settlements owned by The New Kingdom of Atmora for weapons food and precious materials.

Fighters: The brutes of the Bruniik Jul who were armed for the more protective tasks such as defending their tribe from danger and even going alongside the raiders to attack more protected settlements.

Gatherers: similar to the Scavengers but search for foods and edible items for the tribe.

Leader's: Leaders are normally the strongest to the tribe that must prove its strength to the other members to gain the role of leader. Sadly this causes much infighting within the tribes with most members wanting to gain this position as leader.


In their primitive existence inside the caves that they used to dwell in there was no indication that the Bruniik Jul believed in a deity. However, this was changed when the storms and harsh weather was stopped by the power of the crystal. This was reason enough to believe that this crystal was their god and saviour, allowing them to walk out into the new wilderness of Atmora. Despite this the Bruniik Jul have no way to pray to this god and believe it as just there to help them survive in the new land.


The Bruniik Jul have little to no language at all preferring to use shouts growls and grunts instead. But some among the smartest of Bruniik Jul use forms of sign language to get their message across to the other beasts. Other than that the Bruniik Jul have no other way to communicate with each other.


The Bruniik Jul are roughly based on the creature known as big foot