Brown Hawk Redoubt is a Small Cave/Village like Camp in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


The Redoubt is located deep in the North Reach (Hold in Skyrim) on a mountain top. Its a Forsworn Village, possibly the capital of the Forsworn Territorys in Skyrim, or the North Reach. It is built into a bowl like ditch on a Mountain near the border of Haffingar, it is what looks like a abandon Dragon Mountain similar to Mount Anthor near Winterhold, its a open area surrounded by Mountain (What the Forsworn think is their "Walls"). It is overun by Forsworn of all types, and their tents and campfires. Their are also several Dead Soldiers and Nords laying in an area in the back called the "Pit", its full of Burnt Corpses

Brown Hawk Redoubt

and several Torture Machines and blood stains and a large Fire pit for burnings. In the Center is a section of a old Nordic temple which is the Palace the Forsworn King should be in (He's Not). This is also the location of the Final word of the Battle Courage (Shout) which is inside the palace.


On one of the random mountains in the Reach, you'll will find a trail, most likely with alot of Forsworn guarding it and walking it. Fight them and go around up the mountain trail till you come to a large wooden door like on Orc Strongholds, open it to be completely surrounded by all kinds of Forsworn, this is a LONG fight, so be ready with Potions and Weapons or Armor and pile through all of them. After your done you'll also have deal with 2 Hagravens, do this and go search all of the chests in the Forsworn Tents and enter the Nordic Temple Peice (Palace).

Once your in here you'll quickly be ambushed by dozens of Forsworn Scavengers and Thug/Mages, in the center of the room is a Forsworn Throne with a Forsworn Briarheart, surrounded by 2 other Briarhearts, with the middle having 2 Glass Swords of Frost (Duel Wielding-Double Damage!), and the other 2 Briars having one a Dwarven Warhammer of Flames and the other a Orcish Mace of Sparks, defeat them and loot all the good chests and stuff. Go directly behind the Throne to the Huge Word Wall with Battle Courage. Get it and loot the chest, it has Orcish Boots, 590 gold and a Emerald and Hide Boots of Resist Frost. Get them and leave the way you came.

Special Armor/WeaponsEdit

Iron Guantlets of Unarmed- Unarmed attacks do 15+ Damage

Glass Swords of Frost (2)- 20 points of Frost Damage

Orcish Mace of Sparks- 20 points of Spark Damage

Staff of Firebolts- 40 Damage point fire explosion

Ebony/Elven Warhammers (High Leveled)

Brown Hawk Redoubt

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