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The BronKiin is a direct opposite of the Dovahkiin. He is a Dragon who has the soul of a Nord. His body has shaped itself to the body
Dragonman by douglasdraco-d3403o3-1-


shape of a man, though, but he still has scales, a tail and wings (Although his wings have shrunk and cannot be used for proper flight, only making for a safe landing when falling from a great height). His tounge has barbs across it, making for an excellent weapon when in battle. All he wears is a loincloth covering his lower body. He has no need for armour.

Learning the ThuumEdit

The BronKiin taught the Thuum to himself. He taught the worlds Battle Fury, Elemental Fury, Fire Breath and Soul Tear. These were the words he were thougth most importaint and useful in battle.