The Book of Panfear is the book of all the recorded races found by the Ancient Nords that sailed from Atmora.


The Book of Panfear was created by Tiboreis Nemfim in the 2 Era , 110.As an Adventure Tiboreis brought the book along with him so he could describe every race he came across and explained the areas of Panfear but also told his fate the book was lost along with Tiboreis and his brother  Faltoreis Nemfim and was found in 4E,72.


These are the races of Panfear so far.


Tibories & Faltories FateEdit

These are the notes left in the Book of Panfear by Tibories and Faltories: We have just found a Large Dwemer ruin and are now setting up our camp to find food and rest.

Day Twenty-four: We have traveled down a bit further , Faltories has just contracted a cold. We have found food stored down on an extremely large shelf and came across a few Automantans they were very easy to deal with.

Day Twenty-seven: Faltories has been very weak in the past few days but refuses to try to hike back to Norment, I have been taking several injuries in the past few days and I have not been able to search for food because of Faltories illness I have found a Dwemer book and its record on Dwarfs history : in the last month his family and friends began to contract a disease from the fumes in the mines.

Day Thirty-two: This illness has sadly killed my brother Faltories and now I am beginning to contract the disease too. I have decided to leave the structure I have no idea which way I went this area is like a maze and I have begun vomiting as I go deeper.

Day Thirty-four: I have gone to sit and let my body slowly drift to Sovengarde even though I have made it out the feeling of this illness is unbareable and this could be my last day of my life I just going to rest to Sovengarde...good bye.

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