This mod is the most comprehensive of Sabregirl's werewolf mods. Bloodlust is based on willpower The higher your willpower the less NPCs you need to kill. If your willpower is really high you will not need to kill at all. You can also gain health instantaneously while in werewolf form by killing NPCs. This makes it much easier to play as a werewolf because you do not have to wait for your regeneration spell to heal you. All of the Bloodmoon werewolf quests give you better rewards. You only change at the full moon except during the middle of the Bloodmoon main quest. A Daggerfall style Hircine ring is included (don't use it with the Hircine ring fix mod). There is also a version of this mod that allows you to transform at will by tapping the sneak key, if your character is above level 20.