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Blackreach (City)
General information



Blackreach (Hold)

Points of Interest

The Dragon Orb, Dwemerian Palace, Pumping Station.


3,000 Human, 137 Animal, 65 Falmer, 1 Dwemer.

Local Nobility

Jarl Kolfhe The Lionheart, Galien The Dwarf.

Shopping, Lodging, and Events
Important Events

Albin Night, Crossing Of The Deep Folk.


Hold Guard, Legion, UFU, Albine Hunters.


See Below.


The Centurion.

The city of Blackreach is a large underground settlement that in 4E 264 was verified as an official hold in Skyrim, convening both a Jarl and delegation with it. The landscape is considered rough and hard to inhabit, however the citizens within have adapted to the environment. In 4E 270, the entire hold was plagued by Albionic Lycanthropy which has lead all of it's subjects to becoming albino werewolves. This ability however has been mostly of use to those fighting in battles due to the immense strength and power it bequeathes them.



The entire city is raised in the north west of the great Blackreach Cavern, where many farms that are moderated by the UFU are littered across the place. It is built around the central Pumping Station which many engineers that live in the city work at, attempting to keep the artificial light within the city flowing, as well as the giant water system that flows throughout the entire cave, providing clean and safe water for the many farms in the area. The Albine Hunters are also situated in the area, making their home next to the Great Lift At Mznchaleft for easy access to the overworld for hunting parties. The city is built inside most of the ancient Dwarven tunnels that wriggle around the underlay of the Pumping Station and Dragon Orb, cuttin off certain areas to create homes and businesses.

The CityEdit

The actual city itself is divided into four sections, The Market Square, The Industrial Estate, The Palasia & The Resevoir. The Market Square, as the name suggests, is home to most of the city's shops, including The Centurion Inn, which features a live Dwarven Centurion serving drinks, Ementael's Laboratory which serves as an Alchemist & Blue Mushroom Books as a pun-named bookshop. The Industrial Estate is dominated by the Pumping Station amongst several small warehouses where food reserves and other things are kept safe. The Palasia is home to the city's nobility and middle class citizens and features great mansions as well as the Dwemerian Palace which is home to the Jarl. This area can only be accessed via the small diversion within the Pumping Station, and lies in the upper area of the city. The Resevoir is where most of the citizens live, and is also surrounding a large resevoir which takes water from the pumping station. This Resevoir is often used for festivals, water sports and even as a public swimming pool.

The Hold

The Hold itself is built on fertile soil, which lends itself to many farms being built. These farms often keep Charus as livestock amongst regular animals and use Tamed Falmer as farmhands. There are also several of the towers in the area kept in tact by the hold guard and carefully guarded by highly valued specific members. Giant camps are common far from the cosmopolitan reaches as well as Ementael's Field Laboratory used partially as a barracks due to it's position facing the main entrance from Alftand. The base of the Falmer Tamers Guild is kept just outside hold walls, in the bowels of Alftand where they capture Falmer and train them. Also in the wildernesses, close to The Great Lift At Mzinchaleft, is the Albine Hunters Guild.


Birth Of A CityEdit

At the time of the city's birth, three friends named Kolfhe Lion-Heart, Annabelle Augustine & Ementael were travelling through Alftand due to Ementael's interest in Dwemer Engineering. When they approached the basin of the ruin Ementael was able to hack the system of entry to Blackreach with his knowledge in that discipline. As they entered the gigantic cavern they noticed straight away the huge glowing orb at the backend and went straight to it. When they arrived, Vulthuryol, the almighty dragon of Blackreach, approached them and asked for their assistance. The Falmer in the area were irritating his hibernation, and therefore he wanted them removed. After they killed all of the Falmer in the cave they returned to him, and he granted them ownership of the remains of Silent City. After hiring some of the top notch Dwarven engineers they reconnected all of the city via the tunnels around it. The high king of Skyrim at this time, King Tor Silverback, a descendant of Jarl Elisif & The Dragonborn, deemed them worthy enough to call it a city.

Hundreds of people fled from their home cities, dreaming of a new start. Upon arrival to Falkreath, where the border was checked all were taken as a group through the Pine Forest and onwards through Whiterun's Plains. They arrived at the three mark points across the land, Great Lift At Mzinchaleft, Great Lift At Bthardamz & Tower Of Mzark. They all dove straight downwards in packs of twenty, controlled carefully by the newly appointed Head of Guard, Commander Caltius Trebatia whom was once a Legate and son of an Imperial Soldier who had once ventured into Alftand himself. All were assigned to the homes that they had bought, and in some cases businesses also, and new life began. Farms began to spring up all around the city, farming Charus for food as well as many overland animals. This struck the beginning of the Underground Farmers Union which is now famous for it's widespread work.

Albinoic LycanthropyEdit

But all was not well for long, as 4 years later a strange plague began to spread across the hold. This plague was Albionic Lycanthropy, which gave people the ability to transform randomly into white werewolves. The Jarl ruled that this had been some kind of Dwemer trap to halt people from trying to reinhabit. And surely enough, they found out it was. The guard found a strange ball hidden in the Catacombs, which they took straight to their lord. When he struck the ball with his sword, he found it was not a ball, but in fact an egg. From it appeared a baby dwemer, obviously the parents had tried to keep it safe before the great dissapearance. The Jarl raised the dwarf as an adopted son, and he would soon rule righteously over this dwarven city.

Ementael had managed to discover a way of keeping the Lycanthropy at bay, by drinking special ingredients he had formed in a potion. This was soon rolled out into the water, and so work on rebuilding the Pumping Station began. The workers there now engineer and keep the great pumps in tact, pushing the water out across the hold to every exsistence in it's wake.


In the meantime, several small factions had popped up. First was the Falmer Tamer Guild, who worked to tame Falmer and have them as second class citizens in the city. This soon worked, and although unable to speak they lived peacefully in the city alongside humans, working at the Pumping Station, as servants & butlers and even in some cases being trained as the Priests Of Silence that worked quietly below the city, burying the dead in traditional Dwemer ways.

Another faction was the Albine Hunters, who used the Albino Lycanthropy as a skill in hunting. They conducted night hunts in which they ravaged through the forests above, killing deer, bears and other things that the whole city would use as food. They had often clashed with the UFU, with the union claiming they were stealing their industry however the Jarl managed to keep them generally seperated.

Invasion Of The Tang MoEdit

In 4E 289, the monkey race from Akavir, The Tang Mo, attempted to wreak havoc on the city by burrowing deep into the ground from where they landed in Morrowind, and eventually attacking the city without them even realising. The Guard soon realised this, and they all transformed into werewolves and ate most of the monkeys alive. One of the survivors of the battle was Tyung Re, who became the Jarl's housecarl soon after. He worked alongside the rest of the government, including Ementael as steward & Annabelle (Now known as Blue Annie due to a skin issue she developed which turned her skin a light blue, similar to Dunmer.) As the court mage.

Points Of InterestEdit

  • Dragon Orb
  • Dwemerian Palace
  • Pumping Station
  • Blackreach Resevoir
  • The Centurion Inn
  • Ementael's Field Laboratory
  • The Great Gyroscope



The Inside Of The Luxurious Dwemerian palace

From the outside world, Blackreach was invisaged once as a savage place, first due to it's untamed nature and second due to the Albionic Lycanthropy. Over time people have come to accept it's position in society as one of the Imperial Legion's greatest hide outs from anyone attempting to get in.

The Jarl is often considered a kind man, mainly for adopting the last Dwemer supposedly left on Nirn, and presumed the soon to be Jarl. Although it is reclusive and hidden, Blackreach as a city has become an important part of Skyrim's culture and position in war.


Imperial loss
Since Skyrim's unification as part of the Empire, Blackreach is generally accepted to be owned by the Imperial Empire. The Jarl says that it is a part of Skyrim, and will sway with whatever way it's home province does. This has provided many to believe that the Jarl has wavering beliefs in the Empire.