Bendu Olo, also known as the Hero of Kvatch, the Champion of Cyrodiil, and the Divine Crusader among many other titles was one of the greatest heroes of the Third Era. After destroying Mehrunes Dagon with Martin Septim, he became Champion of Cyrodiil, and after High Chancellor Ocato's resignation years later, he became his successor. Then, months later, he entered the Shivering Isles and became the new Sheogorath. The people of Tamriel, not knowing of his mysterious disappearance assumed he had been assassinated and turmoil would follow to the lands for many years. He would eventually return, decades afterward and attempt to find peace; however, most of his influence was gone save for his children and descendants and a few loyal followers.


Not much is known about his Childhood except that his real name was not originally Bendu and that he abandoned his family to join a group of adventurers and part-time bandits who would occasionally cause mischief. His alias was Bendu Olo and he lived a life of petty crime (small robberies mostly) until his Adulthood.

Becoming a HeroEdit

One seemingly regular day Imperial Guards captured him and sent him to prison in the Imperial City… (To be continued)

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