Siege of Thorn

Battle of the Southern Marshes

Accension War


4E 25


Southern Marshes, Morrowind





  • 1,000 Elite Naga Cultists
  • 10,000 Naga Cultists
  • 10,000 Fearfang Raiders
  • 8,500 Liilmothit Auxillaries
  • 1,000 Bandit Light Calvalry
  • 500 Kettledrummers
  • 50 Warriors of the Hist

Civilian casualties



After their crushing victory at Thorn in northern Argonia, the Argonian forces under Huleenapa pushed northward. Amusei, another Argonian general, was dispatched to besiege Tear to prevent the Dunmer from invading Argonia, or from attacking his rear. Huleenapa led the Argonian heavy cavalry north through the Dorsza Pass, the sight of the first Argonian victory during the Accension War against the Dunmer, and into the Southern Marshes, leaving the infantry, heavy equipment and siege engines in Stormhold. A temporary Dunmer commander was dispatched to the Southern Marshes, after word was brought by Dunmer spies, with an impressive force.

It was under the control of the formidable Dunmer commander, ___________, and augmented by the Ashlanders led by their High Clan Chieftain. They camped out on the Central Plain's border with the Southern Marshes, beyond the broad Southern River. Huleenapa's plan was to take out this force, before he attempted to take control of the nearby city of Sotha Sil, and other Dunmer strongholds or towns.


The Fight BeginsEdit

At dawn, the Dunmer crossed the Southern River. On the other side of the plain. following a steep trail down from the plateau, the Argonians advanced to meet them. The Argonian kettledrummers kept up a steady beat, conducted by the officers known as the Warriors of the Hist.

Less than a mile away from each other, the two armies halted. Both forces spread quickly out on the plain, drawing quickly into practiced lines and sections at the calls of officers. Huleenapa, mounted on his black warhorse, was poised on the crest of a shallow hill, slightly back and to the left of his army, with a company of one thousand Naga Cultists. Gold-Heart and the commanders of the other regiments rode along the front lines, arranging the green and black center that was made up of Naga Cultists and Fearfang Raiders, the strongest section of the Argonian force. The right and left wings were composed of the remaining regiments, the Liilmothit troops under the Prince of Caload, whom Huleenapa had called to arms on his journey north, and bandit light calvalry, who had been recruited as mercenaries.

Shortly, a blare of horns ripped through the stillness. As it died away, the rumble of hooves took its place and the left wing of the Dunmer calvalry set out, moving in five lines, two composed of heavy calvalry bearing katanas and spears, the other three made up of light horseman who wielded maces and carried bows. As they neared the Argonian middle, the Dunmer light horsemen rode swiftly behind the lines of the heavy calvalry and let loose spears and arrows into their enemy. Within moments, scores of Argonian soldiers had fallen, spears and arrows finding targets across the field.

The Argonian commanders quickly shouted orders and the ranks were closed tighter, shields clanking against one another to form a protective wall. The Dunmer light calvalry were called back by their officers, and now it was the turn of the infantry and heavy calvalry.

Fighting is JoinedEdit


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