Assault on Pykon

Battle of Grimpen Ward
Battle of Pykon

First Great War


4E 249


Grimpen Ward


Esroniet Victory

  • Esroniet
  • Callahorn
  • Kingdom of Anar
  • 2,000,000 cavalry
  • 2,000,000 infantry
  • 2,000,000 archers
  • Falcon Division
  • Naugrim Hunters
  • Callahorn Scouts

Very Few

  • Almost entire Falcon Division
  • All scouts
  • All Naugrim hunters

The Battle of Grimpen Ward was a battle of the First Great War, between Esroniet, Skull Kingdom, the Stor Empire, and the Southern Federation, Mermidon Republic, Kingdom of Anar, and Callahorn. It started when Esroniet attacked the small farming town of Grimpen Ward. Several villagers survived and fled through the Irrybis Mountains to Tyrsis, the capital of Callahorn. They reported to the King of Calahorn that an unknown race of men had come from beyond the Blue Divide, the Sea of Ghosts, and had attacked Grimpen Ward. The King of Callahorn sent the elite Falcon Division of the Border Legion to drive the invaders out. The Falcon Division fought hard but was driven away. Knowing that the soldiers would return to their capital the armies of Esroniet secretly followed the retreating soldiers, but was confronted by a party of Naugrim. The Naugrim were swiftly defeated.


The Esroniet Legion arrived on the shores of the Blue Divide, also known as the Sea of Ghosts, and proceeded to attack Grimpen Ward. After several hours, they arrived and assaulted the village, killing many of its inhabitants. The few surviving villagers fled to the capital of Callahorn, Tyrsis, They reported to the King and Parliament of Callahorn all that had occurred. Finally, reaching a decision, the King ordered several squads of scouts to investigate the village, while he dispatched the Falcon Division to come up behind them to drive the invaders from their lands. The scouts, upon arriving, found the village deserted, but hearing movement retreated into a nearby two-story building, where they watched and waited. Several minutes later, an enormous army of Esroniet Cavalry assaulted the building. Eventually all of the scouts were killed, but the Falcon Division was not far behind.

Fighting Falcon DivisionEdit

Falcon Division arrived soon after and found the town deserted as well began to set up a camp. Then the sound of huge drums filled the air, striking fear into the hearts of the Falcon Division. On a hill to the north of the village, the infantry of Esroniet gathered, looking down upon the village and the men within. The entire army of Esroniet charged down the hill, and proceeded into the village, quickly cutting down many of the members of the Falcon Division. Falcon Division put up heavy resistance, but was eventually overwhelmed. Falcon Division retreated, at the cost of 80 men. The remaining members of Falcon Division retreated into the city hall and barricaded the doors and windows. Then, all of a sudden, a battering ram crashed against the door. While the battering ram did its work, the rest of the infantry of Esroniet used grappling hooks to scale the walls, and enter the building on the second floor; they then proceeded to kill the Falcon Division's remaining men.

Ambushing the NaugrimEdit

The Esronietans following the escaping Falcon Division encountered a small band of Naugrim, and began attacking them. The Esronietans immediately surrounded the Naugrim, cutting them off from escape. Three out of the ten Naugrim were killed within minutes, with the rest of the Naugrim dropping into fighting positions. The Esronietans took no casualties until the Falcon Division doubled up and came behind the Esronietans. Twenty Esronietans were killed by this surprise attack. The Esronietan infantry then caught up with them, and slammed into the rear of the Naugrim and murdered them all. The Esronietan cavalry then formed up into an Arrowhead Formaton, and cut the remaining members of the Falcon Division off from each other. This move proved to be successful. After less than thirty minutes the entire Falcon Division and ten Naugrim.


After the battle, the Esronietan Legions marched to the Momer fortress, Pykon, which guarded the only northern ford across the Mermidon River. They attacked the fortress and quickly captured it. The surviving villagers of Grimpen Ward, in their quest to find a new home, spread terrible tales about the newcomers’ ferocity and merciless nature.

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