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The Battle for Nirn was a Revolution battle occuring on UOGE date Mar.28,2561 and Tamrielic date 4E 202. Over the course of three days, Revolutionary forces engaged UOGE forces and Tamrielic forces on the ground and in orbit.


The main reason J-217 ordered the Revolutionary force to attack Tamriel was to prevent the UOGE from taking Nirn. The UOGE felt the need to assist the armies of the Empire and the Aldmeri Dominion from the Revolutionaries. This slowed down their tactical manuevers, allowing the Revolutionaries to use lightning strikes.

Notable Engagements Edit

The Battle was broken into sub-battles. The main assaults were on Skyrim and the Aldmeri Dominion. The Dominion became a revolutionary stronghold very quickly due to them rejecting help from the Empire and the UOGE. Hammerfell became very effectively secured by the Revolutionaries as well. In Skyrim, the early battles were very undecisive (the Dragonborn could pick either side) but eventually, once Cyrodil and Hammerfell were secured, a reinforcement army pushed 217 and his Revolutionaries out regardless of what the Dragonborn did. Most UOGE forces were not allowed to operate, allowing the Ace of Blades to strike openly during ths time.


Once Skyrim was flooded with UOGE forces, the hostile strongholds in Hammerfell and the Aldmeri Dominion fell after an Imperial siege. To ensure the safety of the planet, 2 defensive space stations were built, bases were built near Imperial City and a massive base/city was built in central Skyrim. This city, known as Ace City, beacme the capital of the Ace of Blades, and the Jarl became Adam Cain, who is also the UOGE Commanding General and the leader of the Ace of Blades. Lastly, the number of guards in cities under AoB protection were reduced and replaced with Ace of Blades soldiers.  The Revolution could only dominate two holds at a time at best, even with the Dovahkiin's aid.