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War against the Bruniik Jul


4E 216


A small village in the north of Atmora


Heroic victory for the Atmorans


The New Kingdom of Atmora

Bruniik Jul


Commander Jorl



150 soldiers

200 Beasts


56 Atmorans dead and 39 wounded

All 200 beasts

The Battle of the Beast's was the first and nly major battle in the war against the Bruniik Jul, taking place near a small New Atmoran village in the northern most reaches of the Kingdom. The Battle ended with a heroic victory for the Atmoran's and ended the Bruniik Jul threat to the empire.

Background Edit

The Atmoran army was conquering the small Bruniik Jul tribes that were threatening the outlying settlements with little to no resistance. But received word from a small village that there was a large force of Bruniik Jul in the area so the Army moved in to intercept. Little did they know that three Bruniik Jul tribes had combined to take out The New Kingdom of Atmora with a force of nearly 200 savage creatures.


The Atmoran army marched to the small village with a small force of nearly 150 men and women to take out the Bruniik Jul as they too moved towards the village. The villages claimed to have seen hundreds of the savage creatures and warned them they were outnumbered. However Commander Jorl paid no heed to the villages warnings and marched his troops towards the Bruniik Jul location. They were surprised to see so many of the creatures and they ran there and then if it were not for Commander Jorl who rallied the troops to face the threat in front of them. He divided his soldiers into three forces of fifty, one on the centre and the other two hidden behind a large hill. The small fifty soldier group was ordered by Jorl to provoke the Bruniik Jul to attacking by banging their weapons together creating a loud noise that rang over the battle field. This worked and the Bruniik Jul charged with all their strength smashing into the Atmorans forward ranks killing many with the shock of this first charge. For a few minutes the Atmorans and the beasts fought with both sides taking heavy losses until the signal horn blew out. From behind the hill 100 more Atmorans joined the battle smashing into the Bruniik Jul left flank piercing their horde. The savage creatures after a few more minutes of fighting begun to waver and soon begun to rout from the shock of this new attack. Jorl pushed the advantage and pushed against the Bruniik Jul and eventually wiped them out.


56 Atmorans were left dead on the field and 39 wounded, but all of the Bruniik Jul were left dead. This battle signalled the end of the Bruniik Jul as a race, this being their only organized force against the Atmorans. The rest of the Bruniik Jul after this battle were either killed or driven back to their underground caves. It is unknown if there is any of these creatures left, but from sightings there are believed to be solitary Bruniik Jul wandering Atmora.

Honour's  Edit

For his actions Commander Jorl was given the position of military advisor to Queen Natalia and a full military decoration. A large statue of him was erected for his heroic victory against the beasts that threatened the kingdom as a whole.


After the battle the Bruniik Jul were annihilated with little to none of them left. But the Atmorans fared better, after the battle their ranks swelled to four hundred soldiers as many more took the call to arms. This number of soldier would soon be needed in the coming years of the Kingdom.


Commander Jorl slew seven of the Beasts during the battle

This was the first ever conflict entered by the Atmoran's