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“The gem of the south, warm in winter, cool in summer, it is what it is, and nothing more.”
―Teblet, Elyk Philosopher.

Barachis is an isolated continent of roughly 500,000 square miles, comprised of mainland Barachis and the large island Naos to the east. It is situated on a continental shelf surrounded by several shallow seas in the Eltheric Ocean, in between the Eastern and Western Hemispheres and wholly in the Southern Hemisphere of Nirn. Its climate is heavily mixed do to the interplay of physical and magical features, but is mostly tropical jungles in the northern regions with more varied terrain including woodlands, mountain ranges, open grassy plains and deserts in the south.

Barachis is home to a host of sentient races, most notable are the manish Karnon, Peldron, Solin, the merish Balmer, Dalmer, Darwishi, and the bestial Elyk. Modern day Barachis is divided into six provinces: Abubakar, Darigo, Duessha, Feldurim, Solistal and Kalalas, all loosely unified under the authority of the Peldron-dominated Barachian Confederation.



Ghosts mapedit


Abubakar is the homeland of the Darwishi, located on the south of the Large island of Naos to the east of the mainland of Barachis. It is mostly made up of desert to the centre of the province with jungle and mountains to the north as a buffer zone from the Land of the Sammak.


Darigo is the homeland of the Karnons. It is a green, spacious land with great plains, verdant forests and balmy beaches to the North It also encompasses a set of islands off of its coast. Much of Darigo's wilderness has been left untouched, as the Karnons are in no hurry to urbanize. The province is protected from invasion by southern forces by the Wacha mountain range on its southern border, and due to the nature of its people ha remained one of the most independent provinces within the Empire of Barachis.


Dalmer Map


Duessha, known as the Cursed Sand, is the home of the Dalmer and is located in the center of Barachis. Its is mostly made up of deserts and badlands only having habitable areas around the southern coast and the few river's that make it inland.


Feldurim is the province most South-East on the primary continent. It is bordered by the sea to the East, Duessha to the West, and the Land of Elyks to the North. A land with a plethora of natural resources, it is the homeland of the Peldrons, who claimed it after driving the now extinct Morimer from the lands. As one of the wealthiest provinces, and the home of the Emperor of Barachis, Feldurim serves as a major economic and political hub for the continent.


Solistal is the dense desert wasteland home of the Solin, a human race that inhabits vast underground burrows. It is one of the poorest provinces in the continent with the weakest economic structure. As the Solin barely communicate amongst burrows, let alone other races, they often have an inner economy that does not sell goods out of family groups. There is only one town above ground, Banner Bridge, which connects the two halves of the province that were once divided by a massive river. It is located farthest south west on the continent, holding one of the most unique landscape shape on the entire continent.


Kalalas MKIII


is the most southern and smallest province in Barachis. Although it remains undiscovered to many of the species of Barachis, it is home to the largest surviving community of Balmer, a species of mer nearly identical to the Dalmer of Duessha forced out of the main land after a long war because of their religious beliefs. The capital Jiam-Shal is the seat of the Balmeri Dominion; the Balmeri empire which encompasses several other islands between Kalalas and the land known as Aldmeris. It is covered in lush rainforest with high mountains taking up the center of the island. Other settlements include the towns of Dun-Ler and Sars-Mikal. The Great Library at the foot of the mountains is a great university and library holding many scrolls, books and other accounts taken from Duessha to remind the Balmer of their bloody past. Ships of the Balmeri Dominion are given strict orders to venture no more then half a mile north of Dun-Ler to prevent the Balmeri races' rediscovery.


Dawn Era

Era of Beasts

The Era of Beasts was a time when numerous beast races such as the Jallark, Yeenin and Sammak ruled over Barachis warring against one and other. Not much is known of this time as many of these beast races where eradicated through history, and much of its remains are lost.

Age of Yorgoth

Alt-Nai Era

The Alt Nai era (High era:Shezon) came about after the devastating Rei Xu War fought mainly between the Valmer and Darwishi peoples. This war ended in a Valmer victory, and as a result most of Barachis came under their rule. This was for the most part a peaceful time, until the empire begun to slowly fragments under severe pressure from the enslaved beast races. The era finally ended with the fall of the Valmer Empire, caused by a curse from the Sammak. This gave way to the Red Era a time of extended bloodshed as many new nations arose.

Red Era

The Red Era, was a time of warfare. It came after the collapse of the Valmer Empire due to a curse from the Sammak, and gave way to a period of war, with many factions seeking to grab a piece of its remains. During this period, the human races arrived, and created factions in which to war with the continents previous inhabitants. This era finally ended with a plague destroying a majority of the people on Barachis, allowing for many factions to rebuild and prosper. These events gave way to the Isgar Era, an era in which the modern nations begun to arise. 

Isgar Era

Imagination Era



Continent mark two



Climate map M2

The climate


The main races are:

The Dalmer: (Damned Elves)


Helvic Elves:


The Solin:


The Elyk

The Peldrons:

The Balmer:


Barachis Year

The Barachis year has 12 month like the one in Tamriel, but because of the continents position in the Southern Hemisphere the seasons are reversed compared to Tamriel's structure.

Barachis Months

Morning star: Sun's heat-Summer
Sun's dawn: Heats respite-Summer
First seed: Suns retreat-Autumn
Rains Hand: Red Leaf-Autumn
Second seed: Withered leaf-Autumn
Mid year: Winter's Coming-Winter
Sun's Height: Frost's entrance-Winter
Last Seed: Storms approach -Winter
Heartfire: Spriggan's Oasis-Spring
Frostfall: River's Rise-Spring
Suns Dusk: Floods end-Spring
Evening Star: Sun's Return-Summer

Barachis Days

Morndas : Auddagi
Tirdas: Drerdagi
Middas: Saardagi
Turdas: Qsiurdagi
Fredas: Woladagi
Loredas: Liraudagi
Sundas: Qilyndagi

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