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Champion of Cyrodiil, Count of Creeghim, Royal Knight of the Nerevarine, Conqueror of Dagon
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Blue Black

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“Will we bow before these daedric bastards? Will we submit to the torment of Mehrunes Dagon?! Cyrodiil shall not! We shall not!”
―Llervu to his soldiers in the final stand against Dagon

Baltis Llervu was the champion of Cyrodiil, the conqueror of Dagon, and the one who stopped the Oblivion Crisis. Known by the alias of Scarblade, he fought the daedra to the extent of taking the battle to their plains. For many years after the Oblivion Crisis, he fought the daedra, becoming known as the scourge of all daedric beasts. However, this relationship with the daedra made many Conjurers, Daedra worshippers, and the remnants of the Mythic Dawn hated Baltis and wanted to kill him. This succeeded when he was elderly and weak, alone in his citadel at Creeghim. However, he was someone to be truly feared, as the creatures and men he killed in his lifetime could not even compare to a thousand barbaric warriors.

Biography Edit

Early Childhood Edit

Born to an unknown mother and the third Baltis Llervu in Creeghim, Baltis was born a prince. His father was the King of Creeghim but his mother's name was unknown, only the fact that she was from a royal family nearby and that her marriage to the third Llervu strengthened an alliance. Baltis was trained to be a warrior when he was young. His father said that the Llervus were a lineage of proud and natural warriors, distinctive from other Dunmer because of their unnatural blue eyes, whereas opposed to the natural Dunmer red. The ancient history behind this was that the first one with the blue eyes was a fierce cutthroat pirate/mercenary/barbarian from the first era, Dunnvelon Llervu. His son started an ancient tradition to train every Llervu into a warrior, and not waste their natural skill.

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