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Azoldon is a male Bosmer who adventures in Skyrim.

He was born in Falinesti, the former capital of Valenwood, he is the son of Meridon, who adventured Cyrodil during the Oblivion crisis.

He spent his youth hunting wildlife for his family to eat, this improved his archery skill before he became an adventurer.

He joined the Silver Crescents, however he wasn't active during his adventuring years, though resumed his membership upon his return to Valenwood.


He left Falinesti soon after the Thalmor took control as he felt that they lacked respect for the Bosmeri way of life, however he left with the intention of returning to Valenwood, as he predicted a period of great change in his homeland.

He met a group of Khajiit caravaners on his journey to Skyrim, he travelled with them to ensure a safer journey, however he was forced to steal goods from cities en route, as the Khajiit were refused entry.

He arrived in Skyrim in Mid Year of 4E 201, however with the outbreak of civil war, he feared for his safety and decided to flee for Hammerfell. He again decided to travel with Khajit caravans, however he was caught thieving in Falkreath, and was arrested.

In Falkreath jail, he was confused for another prisoner and was taken to the chopping block in Helgen, just before his execution, Alduin attacked Helgen, and ultimately saved his life, after this he stayed in Skyrim due to his interest in dragons.

After exploring Whiterun he left for Riften, where he became Thane and bought a home. When exploring The Rift. he stumbled upon the village of Shor's Stone, when he visited the mine, he met his future wife, Sylgja. After meeting her parents the two married in the Temple of Mara. They agreed on living in Honeyside as it was convenient with his links to The Thieves Guild as well as the large number of Wood Elves residing in Riften.

Move to ValenwoodEdit

When the two visited Darkwater Crossing to visit Sylgja's parents, a dragon attack took place, which ultimately killed Sylgja. After this, Azoldon left Skyrim and headed for Valenwood.

He travelled between cities in Valenwood for several years before retiring to start a family.

He remarried and started a family in his home city Falinesti. Here he had 2 daughters, Eledon, who aspires to be an adventurer like her predecessors and Caradon who wishes to fight the Thalmor warriors and stop their rule over the province.