Axel Iceblade
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Bruma, Cyrodiil


Erich (Father, deceased), Rikard Iceblade (Son), Karoline (Wife)

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Warrior of Skyrim, Knight of the Empire, Legion Commander, Count of Bruma

  • Skyrim Legion
  • The Imperial Legion
  • The Order of the Dragon
  • Skyrim Government
  • The Elder Council
“HA! Traitors? You make me laugh, Lucas! We are not traitors! We are mortals!”
―Axel to Imperial Legion Soldier Lucas Ritch

Axel Iceblade was a male Nord who was known for his heroic efforts on the island of Solstheim, but known more for his service in destroying the Oblivion gates that threatened Cyrodiil. Also known for being part of the famous Iceblade family of nobles and warriors in Skyrim, he was the Count of Bruma and Elder Knight of the Order of the Dragon for his bravery defending Tamriel from all sorts of evils.


Early lifeEdit

“He's a casket of rumors, except in Bruma and Skyrim. Some say he's the warrior that stopped the Oblivion Crisis. You could say that. Some say he was Hircine, when the Nerevarine slaughtered Dagoth Ur, the Daedric God who threatened Solstheim. We know him as the Skyrim prisoner who became warrior and knight, and was a shadowy hand in ridding the Oblivion Crisis from Cyrodiil.”
―Nordic Warrior Vilfred talking about Axel

Axel was born in a small Nordic village in Skyrim in the Third Era. His mother left after he was born, leaving his father to take care of the young Iceblade. Axel did not grow with the same life as all the other Nordic children. His father Erich was not poor, and gave him the best possible education and hired a spellsword to teach Axel the ways of the sword and magicka. Erich, however, was confident in his son’s training. He knew, by the power of the just Daedric Hunter Hircine, his son could grow up to be a warrior. Years of hard and intense training followed, and Axel became an excellent fighter. For a temporary leave of absence, Eric took his son to live in a getaway for two years. One day, Erich traveled to Solstheim with Axel, and told Axel that he could not come home unless he came back with the pelt of a fierce wild animal. Axel did not know his father was putting him through the Trial of the Great Bear, but ventured forth with his sword. Axel took his silver longsword, slaughtered a great werewolf with it, and skinned the beast. Axel waited at the shore for his father’s boat the next early morning. Erich was surprised, only by the fact that Axel chose a Werewolf instead of something more suitable for his age.

Years later, after the Iceblades moved back to their permanent home in Skyrim, the Skyrim Legion recruited Axel. Axel, sad to be leaving his father, was also proud that he could serve his country. With the brutal wars between the provinces and the Empire, rarely anyone wanted to join. Axel left home when he was 21 years old.

The Great Skyrim RebellionEdit

“ Do not sheath your swords! These Legion scumbags already accepted their deaths! We shall not accept ours!”
―Axel to his group of Nordic rebels

However, Axel’s service did not last very long. Though he was quickly promoted to commander, enemies of his father hired the Dark Brotherhood to be rid of Axel. When the cloaked assassin attacked, Axel struck the man once with his sword. Even though they proved that the assassin was from the Dark Brotherhood, Axel was charged with murder and prosecuted by Skyrim Government. However, the grateful citizens of Skyrim rallied to defend their savior and fought against the Government and the aiding Imperial Legion. That was known as the Great Skyrim Rebellion. Many warriors from both sides died, but Axel was later arrested and sent to the Imperial prison under order of Emperor Uriel Septim VII. If Septim had not sent Axel to prison, however, Axel would have been executed.

Prophetic BeginningsEdit

“It was at some point in my life that I found out about Sir Peter the Protector that changed it. Peter had many enemies, and enemies taught descendents who to fight, whom to kill. Troubling? Annoying? No, it was just mere sport. I used to enjoy hearing Jaufree talk about Sir Peter, the old tales passed on by Tiber Septim. Sir Peter was a great warrior, but he wasn’t always known as Sir Peter. No, he was originally known as Auri-El.”
―Axel talking about his ancestor Sir Peter

Two days after being tossed into jail, Baurus, a member of the Blades, released Axel and told him what happened. The Emperor and his sons have been murdered, and that another prisoner has been whisked away to try to save the Empire. However, Baurus also said that Septim told him to tell him about his ancestor, the great Dragon Sir Peter the Protector. Sir Peter was also known as Auri-El, or Akatosh, only Sir Peter was his mortal reincarnation. Baurus also said that the Emperor left Axel with an ancient set of armor known as Dragon’s Skin, which was worn by the first emperor, Tiber Septim, the Divine mortal known as Talos. Giving back Axel his Cold Frostblade, Baurus instructed Axel to seek a monk named Jaufree that lives in a Priory outside Chorrol.

Axel trekked to Chorrol, but found out he was late to visit Jaufree as he was gone. Another monk named Brother Piner told Axel to visit a spellsword named Balbera Zyrik in Bruma. Axel stayed in Chorrol overnight, and heard news of a warrior who destroyed the Oblivion Gate in Kvatch. Axel gave a silent prayer to Hircine and Akatosh to protect this brave and noble warrior.

A New AllyEdit

“I have a sword to lay waste upon Dagon, but it will take more than one man with more than one mind and goal to guide that sword, lest we all perish.”
―Axel trying to convince Balbera Zyrik and Baltis Llervu to fight alongside him in the Oblivion Crisis.

Axel reached Balbera in a timely matter, but was locked out of Bruma because an Oblivion Gate was outside of the town. Axel, confident but foolish, rushed into the gate and met Baltis Llervu, the other prisoner that Baurus was talking about. Baltis was being backed to the edge of the bridge by a Dremora, but Axel drew his Frostblade and beheaded the Dremora. Baltis gave his brief thanks, as some of his men from the Bruma guard were being held up at the tower. The duo rushed to the tower and found Captain Burd of the Guard injured beside two dead guards. Axel guarded Burd and led him up to the Sigil Stone Chambers alongside Baltis. Baltis removed the Sigil Stone and they were transported back outside Bruma. They hailed Baltis and Axel as heroes and took them into the castle for a night's rest. Burd was healed by a spellsword, Balbera Zyrik.

Upon encountering this knowledge, Axel explained the situation to Balbera. He gave a brief nod, and asked Baltis to lead them to Cloud Ruler Temple. There, Axel met Martin Septim, Uriel's unknown heir to the throne, and Jaufree. Surprisingly, Baurus was here as well. Baurus explained everything to Jaufree and Jaufree recruited Axel into The Blades. Axel knew what strengths Balbera and Baltis both had, and asked them to help in his missions. He gave a bold speech, and Balbera and Baltis accepted. Their first mission was find the Countess of Bruma and give her Jaufree's plan on provoking the enemy into opening a Great Gate in order to get a Great Sigil Stone. The plan, however dangerous, was the last component needed to enter The Paradise and retrieve The Amulet of Kings.

A Lapse in the PlanEdit

“My father sent a messenger to find me from Skyrim. He was sick, at his deathbed, and sacrifice brought me to a crossroad. Would I truly risk the world for my father? I was confident Balbera and Baltis could take care of this matter ... I had to choose my father, for he was the only family I had left ...”
―Axel talking about his father's timely illness

At that moment, a Blade came in with a scroll in his hand. He said it was a message for Axel from his father. Axel's father had wrote that he was sick and elderly, and that he needed his son to help him at his deathbed. This was a difficult decision for Axel - Baltis must've understood as he told Axel that he and the Blades could hold down the fort. With his teeth clenched, Axel went back to Bruma to ready himself for the trip to Skyrim. While the trip was hard, he managed to reach his father's cabin barely scratched. What he found out was heart-wrenching. When he entered the cabin, he found a red-cloaked assassin in carved steel armour standing over the corpse of his previously ill and weak father. Axel drew his Cold Frostblade and thought that the assassin was of the Dark Brotherhood, but when the assassin turned around, he did not appear to be Dark Brotherhood. No, it was the one of many who would become his most hated enemy - the Mythic Dawn.

After killing the assassin, he planned a private burial for his father, taking all day to dig a grave in the snow. A grim expression on his face, he decided to go back to Cyrodiil and destroy the Mythic Dawn at its core.

Another ChanceEdit

“Luckily, I'd made it just in time. Old Llervu had destroyed the Great Gate in a timely fashion, but he needed help with Paradise. When I was given the once-in-a-lifetime chance to go into a legendary world to quest in unexplored territory and hopefully bash open Daedric skulls, there wasn't a contest.”

When he returned, Axel found the Great Gate destroyed by Llervu. However, the Dunmer gave Axel a chance to come with him into Paradise to destroy Camoran and find the Amulet of Kings. Together, the duo ventured into the uncharted territory that was Paradise.

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