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This article, Armor mods, was imported from the MorroWiki, a wiki project that documented both official and unofficial mods for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. This article may have been further edited since the merge, but much of the content is similar.

The following is a list of armor mods and their descriptions.

Knights of TamrielEdit

Adds 6 great sets of armor, perfect for Paladin type characters. Also includes a 7th set of armor, different from the rest. Includes small quests to obtain the armor.

Durzog ArmorEdit

Adds a unique set of armor, made from Durzog hide. Includes a small quest to have the armor made. Includes male and female versions. Includes closed and open helms.

Adamantium ShieldsEdit

Adds the missing Adamantium roundshield and towershield.

Argonian First Guard ArmorEdit

A set of armor designed for Argonians. Also works well with other beast races.

Four Strong ArmorEdit

Adds four sets of armor using the same set of new meshes. Also includes a few new weapons. Includes small quests to obtain the items.

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