Artkus Madumus is a Mage who once taught Destruction Magic at the College of Winterhold


Artkus is a Expert Mage in Destruction and Conjuration, hoping to soon become a master. He was taught by his father who was a Master Destructon Mage and previous Arch-Mage at the College of Winterhold. Artkus trained with his father till he was a Expert, though his father died of Sickness before he became a Master.

When Arktus was a bit younger he taught at the College of Winterhold, and lived in Winterhold, until his house burned down, and he wanted to see the world himself. So he left, and made a Home in the southren Rift, in a Shack where he studies and trains, works, eats, and lives. If talked to, he can teach Expert Level Destruction and Conjuration, though you can only do it by completing his Side Quest, "Magic Unbound".

He is considered a Special NPC, he cannot be killed.

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