• Princess of Esroniet
  • Queen of Esroniet
Biographical and chronological information
Physical traits and magical qualities





Hair color:


Eye color:


Societal status and affiliations


  • Paranor
  • Imperial City

Arille Lirian was a Breton female, and the younger sister of King Casamir Lirian. Arielle was also the daughter of Babette Lirian and Serge Lirian. Arielle was a highly skilled swordsman and was also gifted with high magickal potential, which she soon mastered and used many times. Arielle loved her brother dearly, but had her own ambitions, however, and during the Battle of Paranor, these ambitions were revealed after she stabbed and killed her older brother, King Casamir Lirian, and seized control of Esroniet. During her reign, she ordered the execution of the Esroniet Legion's finest commander, General Menion Leah. Arielle lived out the rest of her days peacefully as Queen of Esroniet. She had two sons with her consort.

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