Argonia, consisting of the areas known as Black Marsh, and the southern Nibenay Valley region of Cyrodiil, was a large Argonian empire formed in the Fourth Era by Thoricles Romus also known as the King of the Lizards, who had become a prominent figure in the dank, marshy realm of the Argonians in the region known as Black Marsh. It was located in the area that had compromised the Imperial province of Black Marsh in southern Tamriel. The capital of Argonia was Stormhold, a large metropolitan city in the northern regions of the marshes of Argonia, near the border with Morrowind. The Empire was a major Tamriellic power in the Fourth Era, and participated in the Accension War.

Argonia was founded by Thoricles Romus, a prominent figure in the dank, marshy of the Argonians in the area known as Black Marsh, and the leader of the rebellious Argonians, and Liilmothit who had been openly challenging the rule of the Septim Empire. Its capital was Stormhold. Argonia was a strong ally of both the Liilmothit of Caload and the Bosmer of Valenwood, and saw itself as a bastion for the Argonians, and other beast people in the eastern regions of Tamriel. It also served as a focal point for refugees from the other parts of Tamriel being ravaged by the Accension War.

Thoricles Romus carefully helped to cultivate Fjalding's cash crop economy and commerce as the rest of Tamriel was endangered by the daedric hordes of Mehrunes Dagon during the Oblivion Crisis. Major cities in Argonia during its origin were Stormhold (the capital), Thorn, Helstrom, Gideon, Archon, Blackrose, Lilmoth, and Soulrest.

Early HistoryEdit

Early HistoryEdit


Growth and RecoveryEdit

Accension WarEdit

Middle HistoryEdit

Post-Accension EraEdit

After the end of the bloody and destructive Accension War, Argonia was reformed and expanded by Thoricles Romus. At its zenith, from 4E 66 to 4E 99, Argonia extended its rule over parts of Valenwood, and the areas that consist of Elsweyr, southern Cyrodiil, Caload, Esroniet, and southern Morrowind. For a time, Argonia was the most powerful empire on Tamriel. However; it lost much of its territory after a series of disasterous defeats during the Accension War and the final defeat of Argonia's ally, King Oohbit of Imga. The Second Reman Empire invaded and defeated Argonia in 4E 132, but Argonia was lost to the Empire after a successful rebellion led by the members of the Naga Cult.

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