Argonian Vampire

argon the silencer

argon is the daedric prince of power, pain,and fear. it is said when he appears the moon became as red as blood.there are many stories of where he came from. one is that he was born as a nord in the first era, who practiced dark magic turning himself into a powerful lich who eventually gathered some daedric items and tryed to asorb their magic, some say he was created from the leftover pools of creation from mehrunes dagon, and the power of sithis. whatever the case may be, argon is a cruel creature, often taking delight in slaughtering many beings. he doesn't get along with merdia due to his like for the undead, the  fact he often takes the form of a robed skeleton with a scythe. his followers often call him father grim, for his calm and dark demeanor. the only time he ever laughs is when he tortures someone.( be they his enemies or his servants.) he will often reward those who gain his favor with eternal life, or the ability to steal the lifeforce of their victims. he is usually worshiped, by necromancers,liches,and even vampires.when he walks through a graveyard, the skeletons in the ground will burst out and follow him. they might see him as their master and father,as they will often leave their crypts,and summoners once hes around. they often gather around places full of the dead. this has earned him the name, the "dead lord". in his mortal life, he was known as norga black-mage. he was a argonian sorceror, who often journeyed to different lands.before he was born his father was a powerful tribe's leader, and strong mage.his mother nora pale-scales.however, was a powerful argonian lich. she could actually make herself seem like a regular argonian,but when the full moon strikes she is revealed for what she is. eventually norga's father scaren-blackclaw,learned of nora he gathered an army to attack and kill her. it was a brutal battle. it claimed the lives of many,but eventually made into nora's chambers where the two fought it out. at the end of the battle, nora stood victourous over she was about to deliver the final blow,scaren spoke" so you want immortality monster,then you shall have it,but not the way you thought." he then started speaking in an ancient language which caused nora to scream as she grabbed her stomach, till it grew and grew,then it bursted killing nora, as it crushed her soul carrier.and thus was norga born.a few years later he began to study magic as he was a powerful magic user thanks to his mother and father.norga traveled all over the black marsh. as he was heading back home he heard a voice, telling him to come to it. curious he followed the voice to a he entered he a corpse of a woman,as he walked over to it he saw something he looked upon the skull he heard a voice whiched revealed itself to be his mother.she started instructing him in the ways of necromancy, till he was powerful lich. he ascended to lichood by binding his soul to to three objects and spread them  across the planes. the first one was a pitch black staff imbuned with daedric magic, the second one is a golden goblet with a blood red trim. all who drink from( excluding norgia) will their souls ripped out, and their blood being drained into the goblet. and finally a silver spellbook,with a posion-green emerald in the center.only argon and his high priests can read it.those not in this group will get their lifeforce drained until dust.throughout his mortal life he performed over 100 life extending rituals. eventually he gained the favor of molag bal, mehrunes dagon,and boethiah.800 years later he was defeated in battle by shalidor and banished to oblivion. here he was allowed to become  a daedric prince, and he currently holds his staff and goblet, while leaving the book with his high priest, the wrath father.  

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