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Ara-Ges in the form of the Prideful Adventurer

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Ara-Ges, Daedric Prince of Arrogance,Denial,and DesparationEdit

Ara-Ges, or Galvis Septim the Distant, was a half-blood Redguard/Nord in life, a devout Herma-Mora follower and was the son of distantly rich Septims long lost to history




Mortal LifeEdit

In his life, Ara-Ges was known as Galvis Septim the Distant for his family was rich and weak unlike his first cousin Talos' family. Seeking adventure and money, Galvis decided to sign up with Talos' army and expected to immediately be promoted to general for being Talos' cousin.Talos was angry at the arrogance and ignorant expectation of Galvis when confronted.

Galvis was shamed and returned home to Hammerfell as a failed warrior and was later disowned. He returned to Skyrim and moved into the Rift as a beggar and a thief. One day as a pretty young female Nord, Resasha, strode by he attempted to pickpocket her but was caught in the act. As if love on first sight, Resasha told the guards she would handle the situation and the two went on many adventures together until eventually they settled with the ancient Falkreath natives, the Xaeasi. At the 21st of Hearthfire,Resasha birth a son named Qourmtu who would later be known as Dovahkiin.

Apotheostic Change and Sphere of InfluenceEdit

Galvis had died a year prior to Qourmtu's birth. Wo and his bloodline continued. As for his sphere, he decided to name it Deciptical. Here was where the arrogantly rich were preyed upon by the denied and desperate poor from Tamriel pnly to have the same fortune taken again an again in never ending thievery.

Daedric LifeEdit

Life in Deceptical became boring for the now arrogant Daedric Prince and he began to have flings with the other Princes (how it is possible scholars do not know). Some of the Elk-Men of Falkreath worship him for some particular reason. Ara-Ges often appears as a prideful adventurer or a proud armored sabre cat to his followers. His summoning date is the 21st of Hearthfire. He also has had close ties to Molag Bal in the time before he died. He asked many favors of Molag Bal shortly before his death. This may explain why Ara-Ges' son is immortal with two possibilities: A) A favor was to give Qourmtu vampirism. B) Ara-Ges Daedric blood now made his child immortal.