Anor Levintium Grantus A.K.A. The Year of (the) Great Transition

In the time of Sumart, on the seventeenth of Lorn 2nd Imperial Era Anor 2659 the ruling line of Ironis was broken.

Since the time of its creation, six hundred years prior to the Great Transition in 2IE Anor 659 the Ironis line of emperors always ruled the great and powerful Ileptonian Empire. This changed however in Anor 2659. The day of Lorn 17 was not meant to be the historical event of the transition of imperial rulers. It was instead as commanded by the newest emperor, Ironis V, to be a transition of symbols.

For six hundred years, the symbol of Imperial authority was also its supreme religious symbol. It was the Holy All Seeing Eye of Ilepton (1), or the Holy Eye for short. On the day of his coronation as emperor, Ironis V declared that the authority of the state should be separate from that of the church (for before this time the emperor was head of state and church. To celebrate this separation a new symbol to represent the Empire was created. It was the letters I and E merged together to form the IE (2) or the Latinicus Imperium. The Holy Eye was then placed as the only symbol of the most influential religion in all of Lutonia.

The Empire, however, not only got a new symbol it also gained a new emperor, and a new imperial line of rulers.

The men who orchestrated this change of emperors were all high ranking in both the Grand Imperial Army and Imperial Senate. The treachery even ran as deep as the Council of High Lords, who was some of the most influential men in the whole empire. These traitors are as listed below in order from highest rank:

  1. Grand High Lord Geddion- the highest ranking member of the Council of High Lords and the ruling authority in Delosius Imperialis (the City of the Imperials), he is also the oldest citizen of the empire having help found it with his older brother the first emperor Ironis the Great over 600 years ago. He is the evil mastermind behind this treason.
  2. High Lord Tecroff- the High Lord who presides over the imperial province of Beadia. He is the direct descendant of the last Beadian king (who surrendered his kingdom to G.H.L. Geddion 550 years ago). He seems to be Geddion's personal minion because he was bound to him when his ancestor fused the royal Beadian bloodline with the Emerald Septer (an ancient Beadian royal artifact of immense power) and swore that his family would serve Beadia's conqueror forever.
  3. Lord Commander Geddion II- the leader of Ilepton's Grand Imperial Army, and the son of Grand High Lord Geddion. He was taught from birth to follow orders, if he likes it or not. It is believed that he is much less enthusiastic about this whole idea and many wonder why he went along with it, perhaps blackmail, family loyalty, or something else entirely. What is known is that he appears as if he did not even want to do it in the first place.
  4. Lord Gelnix- the Magna Supremeus Escribirus (in charge of all documents in the empire) of the Imperial Senate. Lord Gelnix worked his way p through the Senate starting off as an Imperial Keeper, then to the Royal Escribirus Historius, and finally to the highest document position of Magna Supremeus Escribirus.

Through treachery and deceit, this man hunted down and murdered the old empress, wife of Ironis IV; Prince Alaxandor, Ironis V’s younger brother; and with Alaxandor was the newly crowned emperor Ironis V. Though the Princess Ammallia escaped her uncle's wave of death shortly she was quickly tracked down to a small village where she was about to board a ship en route to Lyonia where she would have diplomatic immunity. She was taken to a local tavern and swiftly executed out back of it.

Now Geddion had no one to oppose him and he proclaimed himself Emperor Geddion the Magnificent, though many of the Empire's citizens referred to him as Geddion the Disturbed.

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