Anesdros Oresovas

Anesdros Oresovas in 4E 201




  • The Soulless One
  • General of the Pact
  • Head of the Guild of Nightblades

Family Name:


Eye Color:


Skin Color:



20th Second Seed, 557 in Davon's Watch, Stonefalls, Morrowind

Current Weapons:


“On the darkest hour, on the Serpent's night, follow your sword, it will be your light.”
―Anesdros Oresovas addressing a group of Ebonheart Pact Soldiers.[src]

Anesdros Oresovas is a Dunmer Nightblade from Stonefalls, Morrowind. An important figure in the Great Alliance War, Anesdros has stayed alive for hundreds of years.


Anesdros Oresovas is generally seen as being Chaotic Neutral. He fights for the honour of his family, and for the honour of Great House Telvanni.

Irritable and strong, Anesdros is a powerful assailant. However, he is more generally laid back now that the war is over, travelling across Tamriel.


Pre Alliance WarEdit

At a young age, Anesdros' parents were slaughtered by the invading Akaviri Warriors. He learned of a Nord girl who suffered the same consequence. Unlike Anesdros, however, the young Anita suffered intense blood loss. Anesdros gave Anita a blood transfusion, and adopted her as his sister.

The newly named Anita Oresovas joined the Oresovas family trade: Blacksmithing. But Anita was only good at woodworking, which still proved useful in the years to come.

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