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Imperial City, Cyrodiil


Andaron was a powerful Altmer Sorcerer who held the position of Archmagister of the Mages Guild. He was renowned for being responsible for the defeat of Mannimarco.

Early Life Edit

Not much is known about Andaron's childhood. He was born in the Summerset Isles, but was raised in Cyrodiil. His talents in the fields of magicka were realized during his youth, and he devoted much of his time to practicing. At some point in his 20s, Andaron contracted Vampirism. He never cured himself of it, though his colleagues stated that "if anyone knew how, it would be him".

Defeat of Mannimarco Edit

"Skilled enough to make it this far, which speaks volumes about you. Perhaps you'll be as useful to me as Traven would."

"You expect me to go along with your plans?"

"Oh, my dear, I didn't mean to imply that you have a choice. I will make you another in a long tradition of Worm Thralls, and take my time in studying you. Your very soul will be forfeit to me."

"And what do you need my soul for?"

"Power, my dear friend. I seek power, and so I acquire and study those who have some degree of it."

- Mannimarco and Andaron before their battle

Andaron had joined the Mages Guild far earlier than he earned his reputation for defeating the Worm King. He achieved the rank of Wizard in a short time, but remained a Wizard for some time. He devoted most of his time to research and furthering his expertise in Destruction and Conjuration. He was a trusted member of the Guild, the only reason he wasn't in the Council of Mages being that he declined the offer.

Before long, Necromancers began attacks against the Guild. Andaron was heavily involved in retaliation, and so he was chosen to eventually face Mannimarco himself after it was discovered that the King had returned. The attacks began with an invasion of Wellspring Cave, and then the destruction of the Bruma Guild. For Andaron, having spent his earlier membership studying in Bruma, things had become personal. His mentor, Arch-Mage Hannibal Traven, sacrificed himself, passing on leadership to Andaron.

Andaron then went to face Mannimarco in his hideout. The battle was fierce, and Andaron was almost killed. Mannimarco was destroyed, and his soul was sealed within a black Soul Gem.

Arch-Mage Edit

After becoming Arch-Mage of the Guild, Andaron used his powers fully to pursue his interests in research. He made considerable breakthroughs, particularly in Alchemy. He also took on a number of students, one of which he took with him when destroying remnants of the Order of the Black Worm. Andaron overestimated his apprentice's capabilities, and they were killed. Andaron took it harshly, never taking on another student.

Andaron removed the ban on Necromancy, which was met by even more controversy than the ban by Traven itself. He did, however, make it known that Necromancy was indeed dangerous, and employed regulations so that it wouldn't get out of hand. The main purpose of the lifting of the ban was because Andaron believed that there was potential for progress to be made in several fields through the study of Necromancy, so long as it was strictly governed.

At one point during his leadership, Andaron went missing. The Mages Guild went to great lengths to find him, but Andaron had seemingly vanished. In actuality, on a previous trip to Morrowind, Andaron had visited Divayth Fyr and learned the secrets behind entering the realms of Oblivion. He had ventured there, and was declared missing. Andaron returned within a couple of weeks, with unique ingredients and artifacts from Madhouse (or the Shivering Isles), the Deadlands and the realm of Clavicus Vile.

Nearing the end of his leadership, Andaron visited the site of the Great Battle between Vanus Galerion and Mannimarco, where he discovered the ghost of Galerion. After a brief battle, Galerion agreed to mentor Andaron for a short while.

Later Life Edit

Andaron passed on his position as Arch-Mage to one of his former students, and then seemingly vanished again. Rumors spread that perhaps he had gone back to Oblivion, until there were reports of his presence in his homeland of the Summerset Isles. It is believed he became a member of the Psijic Order.

Abilities Edit

Andaron was noted to be the one of the most powerful mage seen in centuries. Though he was powerful enough to have defeated Mannimarco, he gained further expertise later on during his time as Archmagister. The most powerful of mages, such as Hannibal Traven, Mannimarco and Galerion, were impressed by Andaron's expertise and power. He demonstrated particular prowess in Destruction and Conjuration, and also exhibited an interest in Alchemy. His legacy was marked through his students, the spells he passed down, and the various books he authored.

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