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Altus Quavani
Altus Arena
Biographical and chronological information

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The Lightning Leader

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Summerset Isle




Sun's Dusk, 3E 273


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Societal status and affiliations


Quavani Manor, Morrowind


Valayra Quavani


Altrina Quavani


The Lightning Mercenaries (founder)


Altus Quavani is a powerful Altmer Sorcerer who founded The Lightning Mercenaries, a group of mercenaries who use Morrowind as their main base.


Birth and ChildhoodEdit

Altus Quavani was born in Sun's Dusk, 3E 273 in the great city of Firsthold on the Summerset Isle. The Quavani family were one of the most influential and wealthy families in Firsthold, if ever there was a political debate, Altus' parents were invited and their word was like the word of gods. As Altus grew up, he had everything he could ever wish for, however, his life soon became mundane. Altus wanted adventure in his life but his parents wanted him to grow up to become the political idol that they were.

Growing up was hard for Altus, living in a family that he despised. He hated his parents' ideals and he hated their politics. Altus would spend hours studying spells in the Quavani Mansion library, with nothing else to do, Altus became an experienced sorcerer at a young age.

Teenage YearsEdit

As Altus grew into his teenage years, he grew ever more rebellious. Altus soon became involved in Necromancy and Daedra worship. Throughout his studies of Necromancy, Altus attempted to contact the Ideal Masters of the Soul Cairn. Like the others who had contacted them before, Altus was required to harvest souls to keep the Ideal Masters happy. After he had sacrificed many souls, Altus grew tired and impatient. He was receiving no help from the Masters and he no longer cared for their guidance. Instead, Altus moved onto finding his Necromancy knowledge elsewhere.

Altus began worshipping the Daedric Prince, Hermaeus Mora. After many unsuccessful attempts to summon the Daedra, Altus finally succeeded in contacting the Daedric Prince of Knowledge. The Daedra demanded a hefty price for Altus to be able to travel to the Soul Cairn; the souls of his parents. Altus regretted contacting the Daedric Prince and soon realized there was no way out. Altus had no other choice... he was forced to kill his parents and claim their souls. After this, Altus was granted his wish by Hermaeus Mora. He traveled to the Soul Cairn in search of necromantic knowledge and instead became trapped by the Ideal Masters.

Being only a teenager, Altus was not yet as powerful as any other mage who had contacted the Ideal Masters and traveled to the Soul Cairn. Altus knew that there was no hope for him, he knew that he was going to meet his demise in the Soul Cairn. It was shortly after his realization that he met an ancient Nord Vampire, Valerica. The Vampire offered her aid to the young wizard, in the form of a way out. According to Valerica, there was no way out for her, due to the magical barrier in which she was ensnared. However, there was a portal out of the Soul Cairn, available to Altus. Valerica warned him of the dangers of this exit portal. She warned him that he would have to trespass in the Imperial Battlespire. Valerica bid Altus farewell, and cautioned him to be safe on his way out of the Soul Cairn.

The BattlespireEdit