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Alt Maor (Aldmeri: High tropic) is an archipelago of islands located north east of the continent of Barachis, and south west of Pyandonea well as the Summerset isle’s. It used to be a group of islands covered in tropical jungles and rainforests, but now it is a wasteland and a place of death for all that set eyes on this land.
Map of Nirn and Barachis Mk2

Alt-Maor in relation to the other continents


Kongdǎo: (Terror island:Shezon) Kongdao is the largest of all islands, bearing the volcano known as Kongbu to the Shezeen. In The Tribulatorium it is mentioned as a land covered in tropical jungles with a large island at its centre. However now it was the site of where Kongbu erupted and it is a blackened land with little of this great jungle left.

Hàndì: (Dry Land:Shezon) Handi as the name suggests is the driest island of Alt Maor. In The Tribulatorium it is “…An island flat and bare, with sparsely placed thorns scattered across the landscape…” Other than that, Handi was said to be one of the islands that suffered the most in the wars against the Dark ones, being stripped bare of all its fauna.

Cónglín: (Jungle:Shezon) True to its name Conglin is an island covered with vast amounts of Jungle flora. In the middle of the isle, jungle covered peaks extend far into the sky thought to be the ancient remains of a volcano. This island mentioned in The Tribulatorium, is the island the Valmer first landed on, and thanks to the vast jungles it concealed their arrival from the Dark Ones.

Jiàn-cái (Sword cut:Shezon) Jian-cai is a mountainous island with vast tropical jungles on the mountains to the east, and dry mountainous territory to the west. It is named Sword cut in the Shezeen languages because of the numerous valleys that cut their way through these mountains. In Shezeen legend, it is told that the gods cut through the mountains with their swords to provide for a Shezeen ambush on the Dark Ones forces on the other side.  

Jiā: (Home:Shezon) As the name suggests Jia was the original home island of the Shezeen people. However during the war against the Dark Ones it was lost, and the Shezeen had to flee to the other islands. When the Valmer finally came the island was retaken and became the centre of their united empire.  


Time of darknessEdit

From what little is known before the Valmer arrival in Alt-Maor it is assumed that at this time it was a dark place. There is only the barest of mentions, of the time before the Valmer arrival in The Tribulatorium describing it as a dark place of lava and death. It is thought that during this time there was a mighty war between a race known as the dark ones, and the Shezeen, literally shattering the land into the thousands of pieces they are still thought to be. It is also believed that sometime during the war, the Shezeen begun to lose to the dark ones and went into hiding, waiting for a miracle.

Arrival of the savioursEdit

For the Shezeen this miracle did arrive, but not in the way they expected it. It came in the way of the Valmer, arriving on the shores of one of the main islands, beaten and battered by the struggles of their journey. It is said in The Tribulatorium, that the Shezeen took in the Valmer, helping them recover from their many wounds and telling them of the evil that threatened them all. The Valmer were thankful for the Shezeen’s help and set their minds to conquering the Archipelago in the name of the divines, however, they could not do it without the help of the Shezeen.  

The Valmer struck an alliance with the Shezeen, and together they battled the dark ones in a bid to remove them. Information on this war is sparse, with only one or two pages in The Tribulatorium mentioning its events. It is said in those pages that much life was lost in the war on both sides, bringing the Valmer and Shezeen to near extinction. However they defeated the dark ones, but only just bringing about a time of peace and prosperity. 

Time of peaceEdit

The peace brought way to a new generation, as the two races begun to rebuild their shattered remains. As a result, with this new generation came a mixture of cultures, with both languages being spoken as one and the view on the divines became different, with their names changed to suite the new language. Along with this, the Dark ones where cast away into the oceans, forced to swim to some unknown land far away from the minds of the Shezeen and the Valmer. For millennia the two races lived in peace, building Alt-Maor into a paradise for them to live upon. However this would not last. Rumbles came from under the earth on the island of Kongdao, and all looked up to the peak that was Kongbu.   

The TerrorEdit

To the Valmer it became apparent the ancient Volcano ‘Kongbu’ was going to erupt, and they acted accordingly and prepared their ships for sail. However most of the Shezeen refused to leave preferring their previous life to one searching for a new land. The Valmer leaders tried to convince their allies to come with them, only swaying a few but most choose to stay behind. The Valmer wasting no time then left, with but a few of their Shezeen friends coming with them. They watched with sadness as fiery lava and ash engulfed the land they had called home for so long, and then turned their heads to the horizon, to find a new home.

Modern DayEdit

At the present Barachian era, there have been numerous attempts to rediscover this lost archipelago. However, most were met with failure with the exception of one. A group of explorers funded by the Trimillon library in Jiandan-Shan managed to catch a glimpse of this lost and cursed place. They described it as a bleak colourless place full of death and destruction, as only a quarter of the crew survived turning their gaze to the place, while the rest were cursed with disabilities of some kind.


Alt-Maor is made up of over a thousand small islands with only five main ones that were covered with tropical rainforests and Jungle, with the exception of a few being mostly dry. However as of now those Jungles and rainforests have all been but burnt out by the eruption of the Kongbu (Shezon:Terror) Volcano that erupted at the end of the Age of Yorgoth.  


The climate of Alt-Maor described in The Tribulatorium as “…Wet and damp during winters, and hot and steamy during the summers…” much like the climate of Valenwood, the Summerset Isle or the northern jungles of Barachis.  


These islands are sort of based on the Hawaiian islands geography.