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Alkaumtaukbah, also known as the Emerald Dragon, is the lord-deity of the Solin who occupies The Imaginarium. He was said to be summoned by a great unknown Solin conjurer during the Imaginarium War, and now presides over all Solin as a god-like figure. Once a year, on Imagination Day, he selects the finest warriors amongst the Solin and tests them to defeat him. Those who manage to do so are accepted into The Paladins Of Imagination, sworn guardians of Solistal. These Paladins then resummon Alkaumtaukbah through an ancient acceptance ritual.


The lucky few who have met Alkaumtaukbah speak of him as a wise yet headstrong being. He is said to spend most of his time gazing into the distance, watching over the land. Despite the fact that all Solin live in territorial barrows, Alkaumtaukbah is a symbol of union amongst them all, as every Solin sees him as their protector.