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Alexander Grailin was a legendary adventurer, and aided in saving all of Tamriel during the Oblivion Crisis. A man with a dark past Alexander found himself on the wrong side of the law. During his time in Imperial Prison Grailin encountered the late emperor Uriel Septim, who gave Grailin a task that would lead to him undertaking a quest of legendary proportions. After the Oblivion Crisis Alexander would continue adventuring for a time, but would eventually settle in the newly rebuilt Kvatch as its first Count since it was destroyed. Thus he is considered the founder of House Grailin.


The exact date of Alexander's birth is unknown. What is known is that when he was a baby he was left on the porch of an orphanage in Bravil. The only thing that he had was a note. Upon the note was the name Alexander Grailin. The head of the orphanage assumed that the note was meant to identify the child on his doorstep, and henceforth would be th baby's name.

Alexander's childhood was tough. The staff of the orphanage were a strict, unforgiving lot. They often abused the children under their care. Despite this Alexander found companionship in his fellow orphans. Alexander proved to be a brave, cunning and charming lad despite the cards he had been dealt, and soon took up a role of leadership among the orphans. Among the orphans Alexander grew particularly close to a Nord boy named Aldvir. The two of them became like brothers.

In order to support themselves the orphans took to pickpocketing on the streets of Bravil. Alexander and Aldvir became particularly adept at theivery. Soon the orphans had no need of the orphanage to support themselves, and the band of street urchins became a gang with Alexander being the leader, and Aldvir acting as his right hand man.


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