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Alexandar Night-Shade
Biographical and chronological information

Given name:



The Baron

Family name:



Cyrodiil (1E 274-3E 2)
Skyrim (3E 2-4E 201)




Sun's Dusk, 1E 274


Sun's Dawn, 4E 201


Physical traits and magical qualities


Nord (Vampire Lord)



Hair color:

Light brown

Eye color:

  • Brown
  • Glowing red (vampirism)

Skin color:

Pale white


Societal status and affiliations


Castle Night-Shade


Alexandar Night-Shade was an ancient Nord corrupted by his obsession with the Daedra and their artifacts.


Mortal lifeEdit

Not much can be gathered regarding Alexandar's mortal life. He is known to have been born in Cyrodiil sometime during Sun's Dusk of 1E 274, only decades following the Alessian Slave Rebellion. Alexandar was not wealthy during his early years, but he somehow managed to make a name for himself locally as an avid student of the arts of speechcraft. With his knowledge, he set out intent on making his fortune as a travelling merchant. He was fairly successful at this trade, and made enough to begin construction on what would later become his safe haven, Castle Night-Shade, in the mountains around the northern Cyrodiilic border.

His first encounter with the Daedra occurred when his haggling skill piqued the interest of the great Daedric Prince Clavicus Vile, who was interested in outwitting the petty merchant into trading his soul for a highly-exaggerated Masque of Clavicus Vile. Alexandar greedily brokered the deal, but later came to the realization that he would also need some way to save himself from his impending fate.

When he learned of existence of vampires, he decided that the only way for him to escape spending an eternity in Oblivion would be for him to join the ranks of these immortals. Alexandar spent years tracking down vampires, until he was finally able to pursue one to its lair. The vampire did not take kindly to this intrusion and a fight ensued. Alexander escaped the duel wounded and on the verge of death, but with his life and enough bites to be certain that he had contracted the disease and that he was already becoming one of them.

Gaining influenceEdit

By the Second Era, Alexandar had accumulated a large fortune and was one of the most influential land-owners in Cyrodiil. By day, he was a influential, yet reclusive noble, and by night, he was an infamous murderer who concealed his identity under the cover of night. It was around this time that he became fascinated by the powers of the Daedra, specifically the powers they kept imbued in their artifacts. It all began after his Masque of Clavicus Vile all but vanished from his collection without a trace. It was then when he learned that the Daedra had a habit of reclaiming their artifacts and how every now and then he would have to find them again. For a while, the only time the baron ever would leave the castle would be to embark on grand excursions across Tamriel on a hunch that a Daedric artifact had been recovered. Then he would coax whatever adventurer had been unlucky enough to find the artifact using underhanded methods, before murdering them inconspicuously shortly afterward.

In the second year of the Third Era, Alexandar petitioned for Tiber Septim to make his area the mountain range on the northern Cyrodiilic border, a section of the neighboring providence Skyrim. Alexandar claimed that this was a personal request because of his pride in his Nordic heritage, but it really had to do with covering up his nightly hunting routine. The Emperor accepted his request, and this area of land was made Falkreath Hold. Shortly thereafter, Alexandar was declared a baron for his loyalty to Skyrim by the then queen of Solitude.