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Alessia Marcus Stormrider
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  • Polius Marcus (father)
  • Alestha Marcus (mother)
  • Corvus Umbranox (second cousin)
  • Tiberius Stormrider (husband)
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1,90 meters

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Chronological and political information

Third Era


Heir apparent to the County of Anvil, Princess of the Imperial line


The Empire of Tamriel

“Congratulations to Alessia, who is the best student of the Battlespire. It seems that you reached Tiberius's record.”
―Professor Alius Sethius speaking about Alessia

Alessia Marcus Stormrider was an Imperial female who lived during the Third Age. Daughter of Count Polius Marcus of Anvil, and Queen Alestha Septim Marcus, Alessia hailed from great roots. Her father Polius was the only son of Eltharia Umbranox Countess of Anvil. Her mother was the eldest daughter of Pelagius Septim IV. Alessia was very clever for her age, a thing that gave her access to the Battlespire. There she met her future husband Tiberius Stormrider. She quickly fell in love with Tiberius. After years of a friendly relationship, Alessia married Tiberius. However, their marriage did not last long. Alessia died by an obscure disease. She had a son with Tiberius, called Arcadius.


Early life and marriageEdit

“She had a brighter childhood than mine.”
Tiberius Stormrider

Alessia was born in Anvil at an unknown date. Her father Polius though saddened to have a daughter, later realized that Alessia was better than having two sons. Alessia grew quickly. When she reached ten years old, her mother Alestha who was the Grandmaster of the Battlespire, having realized her tremendous skill, she gave her access to the Battlespire. Alessia befriended many other kids who studied there. There she also met her future husband Tiberius. Although their relationship did not began smoothly. Tiberius often rivaled Alessia in his marks. In the end, they made a great friendship. Soon however her father Polius died by swamp fever, a deadly disease he caught from the Wars of Black Marsh. Her mother died later, assassinated by thieves while walking at the County. Alessia disappeared again from public. Years passed. One day, Empress Caula Voria, gave birth to Uriel's eldest son, Geldall. Every noble person was called to attend to the festival. Alessia, now Countess of Anvil decided to attend to the festival to relax. There she met Tiberius Stormrider. At that time, Tiberius served as the Captain of the Imperial Legion. In addition, she fell in love with him. A month later, they announced their engagement, and three months after that, their wedding. A day, however, the Black Horse Courier announced the Imperial Simulacrum. A week later, Alessia was expecting a child. Tiberius however could not enjoy the new because he had his mentor executed. Later he was arrested. A month after his arrest, Emperor Jagar announced Tiberius's execution. Luckily, Tiberius with the help of his mentor, broke off the jail, and went to kill Jagar himself. After succeeding in killing him, peacefully returned to his wife.


Two years after the birth of Arcadius, Alessia seemed dizzy. She would constantly lose her senses and often collapse to the ground. One day however her hair began to fall off. As the years passed, Tiberius realized that she was horribly sick and tried to find a way to cure her. No healer however was able to. She was helpless. One day she fell in a coma. Tiberius now had to find a way in his own to heal his wife. However, the result would come ten years after her death. Therefore, Alessia died. Tiberius even years after her death, did not realized what killed her. He spent times on libraries, or at the wild, looking for ingredients with great healing. He managed to create a potion called Amador. That potion was a tremendous change to restoration history.