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Albionic Lycanthropy, often known as White Werewolves, is a disease that infects the Apneustic Center of the brain. It convenes a forged alteration which turns the flesh into that of a large wolf. It famously infected the entire city of Blackreach in the late Fourth Era, at the time inhabited by Nords. Sufferers, when in mortal form, have always grown white hair and an eye colour that ranges from red to pink, and in beast form a similar effect takes place with fur.


The first known sufferer of this disease was Talbot Kapris (Shown right). He was a Breton whom lived in Daggerfall during the Second Era, which was the time of the Daggerfall White Massacre in which several dozen people were slaughtered in a blind flash in the night. In that time, 2 others were infected before Kapris was killed by relevant guard forces.

These two people were un-named, and were often given the names Alstice & Glant, common Nordic names. The only information obtained about them is they were both of Nord birth and that they travelled to Skyrim with the disease and it spread out across a town. This town was burnt down in the Second Century of the 4th Era, with only one infectee still alive. 'Alstice' and 'Glant' were also renowned explorers, and travelled into Alftand at some point in their lifetime post to obtaining the disease. The Falmer collected the two and extracted their brains, killing both of them, to use as a trap for explorers travelling too deep into their realm.

And of course, eventually someone travelled into the deep. Kolfhe, Ementael & Annabelle all ventured into Blackreach and set off the trap as a ticking time bomb, only to erupt into a mass infection when the three had moved into the area also attacking the many hundred residents that had recently joined them. Instead of seeing it as a hinderance, they merely continue with their lives, some of the hunters use it as a tool and also in battle.


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Kapris was a known follower of Sheogorath and it was recorded he travelled into the Shivering Isles several times. It is often believed that Sheogorath gave Kapris the disease as a showing of his blessing, but being unpredictable as he is, he used this power against his devout follower.

After the events of the Daggerfall White Massacre Sheogorath has had no known influence on how the disease spread outwards, instead the Falmer spread it as a trap to the city of Blackreach.