Biographical and chronological information



Native continent


Physical and magical qualities

Skin color(s)

Light tan

Hair color(s)

Black or grey

Eye color(s)



Heavy Armor, Block, One-handed, Archery, Light Armor, Sneak


Resist Poison: 50%
Resist Shock: 50%


Assassin's Subterfuge

Cultural and historical information


Akaviri language


The Akaviri are a race of humans native to the continent of Akavir.


The Akaviri are the descendants of the Nedic people who first colonized Akavir during the Merethic Era. According to legend, their ancestors' encampment on the beach lasted for only a week before it was captured, or "consumed", by the native serpent people, the Tsaesci. Those who survived were enslaved by the Tsaesci.

Sometime in the later half of the Third Era, the men of Akavir formed an alliance with the other enslaved subjects of the Tsaesci and spearheaded a massive uprising. This conflict soon escalated into to a continental war between the four main races of Akavir, the Tsaesci, the Ka Po' Tun, the Kamal and the Tang Mo. It resulted in an exchange of territories, the creation of new borders, and most importantly, the Tsaesci having lost half of their territory to the humans, or Akaviri, as they now called themselves. For the first time in centuries, a new power arose in Akavir.


Akaviri culture is rich and also very unique, considering that it developed apart from the cultures of the Tamrielic races. The Akaviri are less attached to their Nedic heritage, and have been most heavily influenced by their bitter mortal enemies, the Tsaesci. The Tsaesci regularly engage the Akaviri in intense military campaigns, aiming to enslave them. The Akaviri people have always possessed a formidable military, however, and because of loose alliances forged with the Ka Po' Tun and the Tang Mo during their times of need, they have always been able to hold their ground.

As with the Tsaesci and most other races of Akavir, Akaviri society is upheld by enslaving lesser creatures. Akaviri utilize tigers, goblins, trolls, and sometimes even captured dragons in battle. The Akaviri have made an art of enslaving dragons. They do this by calling upon a dragon by name, and challenging it. If captured and gotten to surrender, a dragon will swear itself to the service of the victor. This is a sacred Akaviri tradition, well-respected by the dragons and always honored by both participants.


Natural survivalists, the Akaviri have acquired a partial resistance to poisons and electrical burns, yet they have also retained and expanded upon their ancestors' prowess in battle. They can put both heavy and light armors to good use, are good at sneaking, and are skilled in the use of one-handed weapons, archery and blocking with shields. For these reasons, they make ideal warriors or sneaks, but they are typically unable to balance both. Most Akaviri are not very skilled in the use of magic, however.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Human races in The Elder Scrolls are typically influenced by real-life varieties of people. The Akaviri and their culture is heavily inspired by the Japanese.
  • Some of the pictures shown in the gallery below are of the Akaviri Samurai Armor mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, by Hothtrooper44.


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