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The fall of the Ada-mantia, and the last of the et'Ada with it, to Nirn. A treachery attributed Lorkhan, the Doom Drum. Yet also an act of promise and rebirth as he viewed it.

The Ada-mantia was once Akatosh's aurbical vessel, which Shor had embedded into the earth beneath it to serve as the foundation of the Ur-Tower, situated on the Isle of Balfiera in the Iliac Bay. The only portion of the ship that is visible from above ground is a massive spike coated in a thick adamantium-alloy that gives it its signature silverish color, that juts out of the earth and runs up the center of the tower to its peak. All attempts to excavate the rest of the ship have failed so far, mainly due of the risks associated with digging below sea level in an already physically and magically unstable region.