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Ace City was a city built in central Skyrim following the Battle for Nirn. Their are no guards in the city, instead Ace of Blades troopers patrol the city. The Jarl is Adam Cain A-218, who also happens to be UOGE Commanding General and the leader of the Ace of Blades. The UOGE is entirely unaware that Ace of Blades forces occupy the city, believing them to be specialized guard units.

The court wizard is Nicaro, an Ace of Blades mage. The keep is called the Snake's Den. The blacksmith in town is Vesari, an Ace of Blades warrior who can teach the Dragonborn two important skills for 8500 septims. They are 1) who to make Master Daedric Armor and weapons and 2) how to improve Daedric armor and weapons to Heroic status. The pub is the Curved Dagger, and the Apothecary is called the Poisoned Blade. The owner of the Poisoned Blade, Secarus, is an Ace of Blades thief who can teach the Dragonborn how to make damaging effects on crafted posions 2x as effective for 6000 septims. If the Dragonborn joins the Ace of Blades, missions are accepted at the Wolf's Den, under the Snake's Den.

The house in town, Dragonbane, costs 10,000 septims and can be upgraded with a stocked kitchen, an alchemy room, an enchantment area, a smith's alcove (includes a smelter, some ingots, and some shelves), a weapon display area (with cases, racks, and a podium), an armor display area (with two mannequins and a rack for a shield), and a study (with 3 book shelves and some books, including spell tomes).

Notable LocationsEdit

  • The Burning Sword- Blacksmith's shop
  • Snake's Den- city keep
  • Curved Dagger- tavern
  • Poisoned Blade- Apothecary shop
  • Wolf's Den- Ace of Blades HQ; under Snake's Den
  • Dragonbane- buyable house

Quests InvolvmentEdit

All of the embassy quests take place, at least partially, in the city because all of the embassies are in the city. The Ace of Blades quests all start in Ace City. All A-218 missions start here, and several misc. quests are also available in the city.