Map of Abubakar

Abubakar home of the infamous Mer the Darwishi. Who once ruled over almost all of Barachis. Abubakar is also home to the many servent races of the Darwishi.


Darwishi Arcronion Guard

The Arcronion who now serve the Darwishi as slaves.

First named Srcop after the god of the Arcronion, who are now servents of The Darwishi. Then once the Darwishi conqured Scrop they changed the name to Abubakar which means Saint`s Land, refering to the fact that Darwishi means saint. The name has never been changed as the Darwishi still rule over Abubakar.


Beast EraEdit

In the very early days of Barachis, just after the end of the dawn era, Abubakar known as Srcop at this time. Was ruled by a single race who made the others pay tribute to them daily. This race was known as the Arcronion, who would fall prey to the Darwishi and their God.  When the heat and dry sessons came the Arcronion always made the other beastfolk of Scrop give them most of their resources so that they could continue suriving.

Invasion of SaintsEdit

The mighty Arcronions tried to fight the Darwishi when they invaded but were used to weak foes who would crumble under their stinger`s and crushing pincers. They did not expect a foe who would use dark magics to fell their armies of brave warriors. They also did not expect their dead brethen to stand up and fight against them. Only through surrendering and worshipping the Darwishi as the "God-Children of Yorgoth" have the Arcronion survived to this very day. Abubakar was not the first and was also not the last place to be invaded.




Duat is the capital and the supposed Holy City of Saints. Almost no outsiders are allowed inside of the "Holy" City, the only known Darwishi to be allowed inside are the Dalmer, who are considered one of their only allies. Most religous acts take place in Duat. Many Darwishi make multiply pilgrams to and from Duat to give tribute to their God, Yorgoth, and most times worship at the Palace of Telzoak, which is a temple dedicated to Yorgoth which holds all of the Darwishi`s religous items.


A minor city the focus on military productions, such as the production of weaponry and armor. Most Yunat Citizens will either become a part of the military or support it in a way or shape.


Tanut is a major city that focus on minerals as they are located near a vast cave system that holds many resources to use.


Owion`s solo purpose is to be a military reinforcement city. The people there are so indocrinated into believing that if they join the military they WILL be granted immortaility, which in some cases is true.


Rravon like its twin city Uuo, is a farming and harvest city. Made only to produce food for the living population of Abubakar.


Like Rravon its twin city, Uuo is a production city. Most of its workers are tailors and such.

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